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Trish Phan Fitness

Fitness is the one of the keys to happiness, Without it, we will constantly Yearn to find it.
-Trish Phan

Finally achieve your life-long fitness goals!

On your time, In A Clean Facility, and most importantly, A personal training program geared towards your success.

My name is Trish Phan, founder of Trish Phan Fitness, an individually owned personal training company whose sole mission is to help people achieve their fitness goals.

I offer one of the most sophisticated personal fitness training systems available in Boca Raton, Deerfield Beach, and the surrounding areas.

I Specialize In:


Build and strengthen your body and immune system to perform better.


Burn more calories, build a healthier heart, and increase your metabolism.


Get rid of your excess body fat once and for all with our specialized and enjoyable coaching.


Workouts that emphasize on passing the new Combat Fitness Tests for current or future military service members.


You are never alone in your road to wellness, let us take the guess work out of your meal planning.

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No matter what your level of fitness is, I can create a specialized program just for you.


Maybe you're a beginner just starting out and....

you’re not sure on where to begin…

you need to learn the basic fundamentals of training, stretching, and nutrition…

you need guidance on how to train for a branch of the military…


Or maybe you're at a more advanced level and...

Need help surpassing your limits while limiting your risk of injury.

Need help passing or scoring higher on your military fitness test.

Need to learn various training techniques to bring a fresh perspective to your workouts

Personal Training Testimonials

If you’re looking for inspiration to kickstart your fitness journey or need motivation to keep going, look no further! Check out my latest personal training testimonials from some fantastic clients who have achieved their fitness goals and transformed their lives with my guidance and support.

William Tolle
William Tolle
I have been fortunate enough to have been working with Trish for just over a month now. She is very attentive to my abilities and to past injuries. Ms. Phan has taken me from a very sedentary lifestyle to one of daily exercise and proper diet. This has led to me not having to take any blood pressure medication or pain medication. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to make a lifestyle change for the better.
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown
Trish is an amazing trainer! She has the ability to use your capability to decrease your limitations. My progression isn’t hindered by old injuries, It’s truly incredible experience whenever I get the opportunity to train. I get amped on days I get to train where I used to loath the trip to the gym. If you want change in your life please use Trish’s expert guidance to smash your goals!
Samuel Herschkowitz
Samuel Herschkowitz
I’m a doctor and I understand physiology and nutrition but Trish has taught me a number of things in both these area. Her professionalism and knowledge are outstanding! I strongly recommend her.
Christian Moreno
Christian Moreno
Great and well rounded personal trainer who knows how to properly gage your own level of fitness and listens to what you want out.
Maddy m
Maddy m
The first day I met with Trish for an assessment, we took my measurements she could tell that I was not happy with myself. Trish with her kind words said, “That’s okay. You’re here now and we’re going to help you learn to take care of yourself.” Trish is a fantastic trainer with great sense of humor so every session is filled with so much laughter. Her positive attitude, and motivation. Empowers you to work out even harder even when you don't think you can do it. At the end of each session , I'm so looking forward to the next one and what she has in store for me. She is very supportive in the way that she checks up on you and ask how you're doing/feeling. I'm very honored to be able the have such a professional trainer like Trish coaching  me to achieve my fitness and lifestyle goals! FYI "Don't Forget to Breathe". LOL
Selena Kirkland
Selena Kirkland
Really amazing training. She helped take me and my husband's fitness to the next. After a difficult pregnancy in 2017, I thought I could not lose weight. After a year training with Trish, I lost 20 pounds. She keeps me motivated to eat the right foods and train my body to stay health. If you just had kids or even earlier on in life and haven't lost the weight, Trish is the trainer to lost that pregnancy weight.
fast eddie
fast eddie
Trish is a phenomenal trainer! She delivers the optimal amount of encouragement and punishment that keeps me motivated throughout the workout and eager to return for the next session! She’s capable of doing everything she asks me to do, and that keeps me from becoming disgruntled and mumbling, “why don’t you do it then?” LOL She’s awesome and prides herself on delivering results! I’m pleased and couldn’t have found a better trainer/motivator!
Jessica Krathen
Jessica Krathen
If you are looking for trainer look no further. Trish will get you into shape! She is very creative and her workouts will challenge you. After each workout you will feel a sense of accomplishment.
I trained with Trish for just over a year. Work brought me to the East Coast where I was in need of a personal trainer. Trish was always motivating and brought a great attitude to the gym every session. In addition to training Trish worked out my meals and I can honestly say this was the best shape I was ever in throughout my life! Along with the weight work we always focused on stretching as well as functional movements. I highly recommend Trish if you are serious about training, weight loss or wanting to make a positive step in improving your daily life and attitude.
Hugeness Weems
Hugeness Weems
I’ve been training with Trish for several years. She is sensitive to my needs as an ex athlete yet still pushes me to be my best every workout. She’s tough but very skilled in the theory and execution of physical training pushing for top performance but sensitive to the needs and expectations of every client whether a strapping young football enthusiast or more mature athlete seeking higher activity leisure opportunities. She is a pro at every level. Let her craft a tailor made solution for your fitness goals TODAY!

All reviews are sourced straight from Google and other reputable sources. 

3 Steps To Success

Get To know you and your Health needs

We meet one-on-one to determine what your goals are, establish a fitness baseline, and learn about any other conerns you may have.

Consistency Is The Key!

Whether it is changing your lifestyle or habits, we will consistently strive for success together.

Monthly Progress Check-Ups

I will track your progress using the latest health and measurements trends, BMI and nutritional intake graphs.

What Makes My Personal Training Program Unique?

Private and Sterile Facility

I offer my clients in Boca Raton, FL a state of the art private workout facility that is geared towards true individual personal training.

Meal Planing and Demonstrations

I can help you take the guess work about what and when to eat. I provide you with various recipes and sample dishes to meet your weight loss journey.

Individualized fitness programs

Personalized programs geared towards your individual needs no matter your age, injury, or fitness need.

Keeping You accountable For Your Success

No matter what health goals you set out to achieve, I will ensure you will never stray from that set path.

Contact Me To Get Started.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.